The Witcher Peek #7

RPGVault brings us the seventh installment to their "peek" feature for The Witcher, this time releasing a history of the game's fantasy races. Here's a taste:
We humans have not treated those that came before very well. Gnomes were the first ones, as you might remember. Then elves came and encountered the dwarves. But, contrary to expectations, they didn't just all have a field trip to merrily prance along in the garden - oh no. If we can trust the old histories, what happened then was a very bloody affair... Everyone is free to judge for themselves the possible affinities between human, elven and dwarven nature based on this evidence. And should anyone consider himself to lack appropriate command of the historical knowledge, I suggest reading Roderick de Novembre's History of the World or marshal Peligram's History of Wars - interesting reading, both of them. Additionally, you could use the hardcover editions in bar brawl with great success, as I have on numerous occasions before.