The Witcher Peek #2

RPGVault has released their second "peek" for CD Projekt's The Witcher, this time detailing the dark and troubled world in which the RPG takes place.
To understand why the world around us turns in a never-ending whirl, it is vital to get to know its history. To learn a lesson from it, and not to remake the mistakes of our fathers. Pour me another drink then, and listen...

You sure look like you've seen a great part of the world. Your eyes carry knowledge of many places. Alas, these are uneasy times, and there's more to them than meets the eye. You have traveled across arid and lifeless lands to get here. Why, you could ask...? Remember then, that there aren't many rules in this world but for the ones concerning war and destruction. There is no logic, only war... not a single castle, lodge or bank remains faithful to its original use. They have all turned into frontlines and battlefields.