Dark Age of Camelot Third Anniversary Celebrations

This weekend marks the third anniversary of Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot, and the company is celebrating by adding in-game fireworks. Here are all of the hot fixes that go along with the newly added festivities:
The medallion merchants located in every portal keep have been granted their temporary black powder licenses, and will for a short time be selling single charge fireworks for ten silver pieces. Look high in the sky for the golden trail of sparkles, and see each trail explode into a wondrous blossom.

Hot Fix Notes


- Players will no longer see the message, "A sudden explosion of untamed magic floods the area", broadcasted through all zones.

- Buff shear spells now have unique spell effects so that you can visually see which spell is being removed. Please note that in order to see the new spell effects, you must log out of the game, repatch and re-enter.


To mark the third anniversary of the launch of Dark Age of Camelot, we are temporarily introducing fireworks to the game.

- Sall Fadri, Gwulla, and Araisa now sell Fireworks for 10 silver. These NPCs are the medallion merchants that are found at the portal keeps for each realm.

- On Gaheris and Mordred, the Medallion Masters at the portal keeps in each realm now sell Fireworks for 10 silver.

- To light a firework, right click the item in your inventory and type /use or make a hotkey of the item on your quickbar, press the USE item key and then the hotbar number of the firework. Each firework has one charge.

- Fireworks cannot be used in New Frontiers or Battlegrounds zones.

- You must be able to see the person using the firework to see the firework go off. (To best see the firework in the sky, make sure that the person doing the firing is visible/within your clipping plane, and THEN pan the camera view to the sky.) Please note that in order to see the firework spell effects, you must first log out of the game, repatch, and re-enter.



- Players will no longer be given tradeskill consignment tasks for Morlin Caan in Jordheim.