Dungeon Siege II - The Elf Town of Aman'Lu

IGN PC has profiled the elven town of Aman'Lu in Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege II, and has complemented the article with six new screenshots. Here's a taste:
The town was originally founded by a great sorcerer who wished to study his craft in the wilderness. That spirit of quiet scholarship continues to this day. Residents now have the choice of isolation or the close-knit community.

The history of the area before the founding of the town is murky and it is difficult to tell the literal history from the poetic myth. In ancient days, the great warrior Istaura and her brother Isteru the sorcerer are said to have led the Elves out of the Time of Darkness. Legend has it she caused Vai'lutra Forest to grow and surrounded it with a ring of mountains to protect it. That forest was their home for generations before the town ever existed.