Star Trek Online Interview

HomeLan Fed has conducted an interview with Perpetual Entertainment's Joe Keene, asking the company's co-founder several questions about their newly announced Star Trek MMORPG. An excerpt to follow:
Q: The Star Trek universe is a massive franchise in terms of available content. How daunting is it to create a MMORPG with an already made universe ready to use?

A: The scope and complexity of the Star Trek fictional universe is certainly daunting, but it's also a source of enormous strength and creative opportunity. As with all licensed properties, it's critical to remain true to both the essence of the fiction and to the thousands of details that define the world embodied in the fiction. At the same time, we're constantly struck by how open and innovative Star Trek is. Once you (get) the fiction and the way the world works, you find that the amount of material that has already been embodied in the TV series and the movies is a fraction of the material to be explored. And that's essential for an MMOG, since a single player's aggregate hours of gameplay can easily dwarf the total number of hours of Star Trek television and film that have been produced so far. Our goal in designing and building our game is to offers players the optimal blend of the familiar and the new.