Dark Age of Camelot: State of the Game

Mythic Entertainment president Mark Jacobs stopped by the Camelot Herald to provide another "State of the Game" editorial for Dark Age of Camelot. Once again, he talks about several features that will be making their way to the MMORPG in the coming months. Here's a bit to get you started:
During the last year, Mythic has made DAoC an easier game to play than ever before. We have introduced a more group-friendly system and made it easier than ever before for new players as well as casual gamers to play and succeed in DAoC. However, we want to go even farther than that and we will do so over the next few weeks. As part of this we will introduce a number of initiatives, the biggest of which is the (Gift of the Realm) system. How this system works is quite simple. At certain time intervals (more on this later), players will be able to go to their trainer and receive special rewards for their character. These rewards will include a new experience level as well as gold on a weekly basis. These changes are designed to help the casual as well as the new player succeed more quickly in DAoC. Thus, players will be able to level their characters more quickly than ever before and in a way that rewards people of all play-styles (casual, hard-core) equally. When we first launched DAoC, we wanted it to be accessible to all kinds of play-styles and we will continue and expand in this tradition. We are also planning to add in-game maps (for non RvR areas) as well as new systems to make grouping even easier than before. We will also be adding things like in-game keyboard configuration as well as other things as part of this initiative, with lots more to come over the next six months.