Dark Age of Camelot Cheaters Banned

Mythic Entertainment has updated the Camelot Herald with news that hundreds of players have been suspended and/or banned for cheating in Dark Age of Camelot. Here are the full details:
Greetings! We just wanted to announce that the next stage of our anti-hacker campaign has come to an end, and share the results with you. Today:

We banned more than fifty people who got caught in the first wave, and weren't smart enough to take the slap on the wrist a few weeks ago as a warning.

We also banned some people who did not get caught in the first wave a few weeks ago, but had other violations on their accounts.

We suspended more than 500 people for seven days, who were not caught in the first wave - but perhaps made the mistake of thinking that the first wave of suspensions was an attempt at (humor.)

The third stage of anti-hacker sweeps has begun. Please keep an eye on your friendly neighborhood Herald for the results of the next wave, which will consist primarily of bannings.