GB Feature: X-Arcade 2-Player Controller Review

We've posted a review of Xgaming's X-Arcade 2-Player controller, the dual joystick system that is designed to provide an arcade experience on a host of platforms, including the PC, Xbox, Playstation 1 & 2, and GameCube. The device does what it's supposed to, and has even earned our Editor's Choice Award for reasons such as the following:
Any arcade game fighting fan can tell you the joystick quality is of the highest importance, and likely to be the first thing to go. As I used to pass by these games in arcades... I'd circle the joystick in several 360 degree motions to get a feel for it. In comparison to the countless ones I've sampled in the arcades, the X-Arcade joystick exactly matches the best joysticks I remember. Each direction on the X-Arcade joystick has that springy click which you'll find in the arcades, and there's no play in the joystick when its sitting in an idle position, which is a good thing. Time will tell how it fares after hundreds of hours, but with the lifetime warranty offered by Xgaming, you really cannot go wrong.