Star Wars: KotOR II Previews

Two more previews of Obsidian and LucasArts' Star Wars: KotOR sequel have hit the web. The first is at Just RPG:
I had the chance to get my hands on a playable build at E3 this year, and was quite impressed. Overall, the game seems very much like the first chapter in the series. It might not offer too much as far as originality goes, but Obsidian was smart enough to realize that the formula worked perfectly in the first game, why change it?

Once again you'll choose from three different character classes, each with their own unique abilities and attributes. You'll then venture out into 7 diverse worlds, fighting off enemies and making decisions that will affect your character. We've been told that during your adventure you'll encounter memorable characters from the previous game.

And the second is at Jolt Online Gaming:
With the extra focus on the development of a Jedi character, a number of new Force powers have been lined up, including a more effective form of the mind clouding and grip feats. Additionally, some efforts have been made to make combat more interesting as you progress at least to look at. As is the norm with RPGs, the combat is a bit abstract in that fights are more like representations of combat than the actual real-time fighting that you might experience in, say, Jedi Academy. As your attack rating increases, so your repertoire of moves expands, which Obsidian hopes will add variety and interest to watching fights unfold.

It's unclear what will be new in terms of weaponry, although you will of course be concentrating on light sabers and you can certainly expect a new selection of modifying crystals to upgrade your weapons with. The usual assortment of grenades, blasters and blades will also be available both your enemies and your party.