The Witcher E3 Preview & Gameplay Footage

The Neverwinter Vault is offering up a preview of CD Projekt's The Witcher, along with some gameplay footage of the game from the E3 floor. Here's a snip from the preview:
Conversations are handled very much like Jade Empire, and seem to be the future direction for BioWare as well, with the NPC speech on top and the choices below using a letterbox screen. The team is working hard to deliver a rich story and avoiding the standard cliches. For example, during one of the quests we met a man who became a Necromancer, not because he was inherently evil, but to help his wife who had died and wanted to bring her back to life. The team wants to create a world that isn't black and white but instead has a lot of grey which they feel reflects the real world as well. Gameplay will be about 40-50 hours and while they haven't started the process of finding a publisher, there is no doubt BioWare will help them in this process, while they will use their distribution company for International sales.