The Bard's Tale E3 Preview

GameZone Online has put together a preview of The Bard's Tale, based upon what they saw at this year's E3. A snippet:
(This is really the perfect title for me to launch my new company,) Fargo said at a Pre-E3 Editor's Day for VU Games in Santa Monica. (One of our goals is to do games with a lot of personality.)

The Bard's Tale certainly has an abundance of that. With 40-50 hours of gameplay, the game starts as a solo-player outing but evolves into a party-based game. In some ways, this game starts by planting tongue in cheek and taking a shot at the start console RPG title. The Bard is wandering past an Inn and conjures up a little work. He is asked to step down into the cellar to take care of the rat problem.