Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Review

VideoGamesLife has tossed up a disappointing review of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, giving the action RPG an overall score of 48/100. Their final paragraph to follow:
Fans of the original Fallout games are clearly not going to enjoy this bastardisation of their favourite game, and those who enjoyed the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance titles will find Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel to be inferior to that franchise. The lack of any exploration, bar the single path you are forced to follow, brings boredom and only those with strong willpower will persevere to the end. There is the option for two players to enter the nuclear wastelands and like the Dark Alliance experiences with this option, it does extend the lifespan of the game. In the end though, once completed, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is unlikely to be placed in the DVD player again. A real disappointment.