Dungeon Siege II Friday Update

Gas Powered Games has posted another Friday update on the official Dungeon Siege II website, this time releasing a dev diary entry by Ruth Tomandl and an Armory addition. A snippet from the dev diary:
It always fascinates me how different each stage of level design is. For example, I opened up a level to add a small side area, which involved terrain work. I hadn't done any terrain work in weeks, but a few months ago, that was almost all I did. You get into a groove and forget that you ever did anything else; that at one time, the lush, craggy valley level that you're working in used to be a drawing on a piece of paper.

The feel of the game, too, can change pretty drastically with every code or content change. For example, one of the engineers adds a spectacular new fire effect, and suddenly every area with torches looks twice as good. New music will be added to a battle area, and it's the cherry on top; you finally get to see what you were working towards when you first built the battlefield and added the armies.