Mythica Team Profile

The official Mythica website has been updated with a new team profile of Mary Omelina, "Animator Extraordinaire." Here's a little something to get you started:
How did you get involved in games was it a goal, or did it happen by chance?

Ever since those scary harpies tormented the old blind guy in Jason and the Argonauts, I've wanted to be an animator. I graduated from the Rhode Island Institute of Design (RISD), where they had a top notch illustration staff but not much in the way of an animation department (how things have changed) so I majored in illustration.

I learned animation on the job at an animation studio in my hometown that turned out almost all of the scoreboard animations that you ever saw throughout the 90s. I drew racing sausages and Benny the Bull and, um, lots of words (like SAFE! and YER OUT!). The studio started getting contracts for game animation, and the first game I worked on was Pitfall Harry for SNES and Genesis in '˜94. Harry was 60 pixels tall and Activision was really hot on facial expressions. You try making fourteen pixels look pensive. Then came Earthworm Jim, Where's Waldo?, and Beavis & Butthead. Fun stuff. Making a convincing dog run in 6 frames can really make a person feel good.