Dungeons & Dragons Heroes Review

Ferrago has posted a review of Dungeons & Dragons Heroes, giving the Xbox RPG an overall score of 71%. A snip to follow:
D&D Heroes is good fun in both short and long bursts. It's not the most beautiful thing to look at, it sounds a little half-hearted even if it ticks all the boxes and the story is un-involving. The gameplay is simplistic but enjoyable; it's not like you would buy this looking for the kind of in-depth game which will keep you awake at night as you try to figure out a way past a troublesome foe. There are some big bosses that make an appearance every once in awhile, but for the most part they are easier to dispatch than the public's ire with a government whitewash. D&D Heroes has a passable single player experience but the real fun is to be had with some mates. Sit down with some drinks the hours will just fly away. Considering most games clock in at under ten hours you will get your money's worth, even if the replay value is only minimal when playing on your own. But I can see this game getting dug out every once in a while as something to while away those long boring nights when there's nought on telly and the weather's too poor to go to the pub. D&D Heroes will not rock your world but it will give it a pleasant shake. The fun does wear off after a while but while its enjoyable it's really enjoyable, and as it's the only game in town like this for the Xbox if you'd like a brainless dungeon romp then you will most likely feel satisfied after a session with D&D Heroes.