Hordes of the Underdark Reviews

Two more very favorable reviews for BioWare's latest Neverwinter Nights expansion pack have hit the web. The first is at Gamerz Edge PC with an overall score of 9.4/10:
If you like Dungeons and Dragons then you will love this game. If you like RPGs you will love this game. If you like games you will love this game. Now, why aren't you getting your shoes on and going to the store?

And the second is at WorthPlaying with an overall score of 9/10:
This is a quality expansion pack. It is a better adventure, in my opinion than the original game and definitely a level up from Shadows of Undrentide. The story is good and keeps you engaged. The textures and tilesets are well done and give enough variety in your dungeons that they don't get too stale. The difficulty of puzzles seems to balance the line of not being too hard so as to deflate the experience, but provide adequate distraction from hack and slash. The monsters provide a good challenge and you will find yourself running and resting just to get through some of them. The additional prestige classes with new abilities and spells are all enough to serve up a highly recommended game. The only drawback I see is some difficulties with the henchman. Knowing BioWares commitment that will be resolved a patch soon. Highly recommended.