Champions of Norrath Hands-On

IGN PS2 has put together a preview of Sony's Champions of Norrath, based upon a press build they were even able to take online. Here's their conclusion:
After a healthy stint blasting past enemies and taking my fair share of hits, taking on a side-quest and saving an elven chap from death with some elf draft, I was totally sold on this game. And I don't even like RPGs. That pretty much says it all. It's gorgeous, it's online, and it's fast. It enables the use of a headset and the sheer amount of gaming value here -- whether it's online, co-op play, or simple single-player gaming -- is enormous. Keep your eyes aimed on February 16, because this game is sure to give those original Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance fans a thrill just as powerful, deep and surprising as that first time.