World of Warcraft Preview, Part Two

GameSpy has put together the second installment of their World of Warcraft preview, in which they detail their hands-on experience with the MMORPG. Here's a snip to get you started:
The true beauty of the game began to dawn on me as I was running around Tirisifal Glades. Why, I wondered, would you put the undead starting players in a wooded valley rather than an underground sewer or something equally clichéd? Then I thought about the forests I had seen during Kaplan's tour of Azeroth. They had included the forest of the Night Elves, a snow-covered forest in the Dwarven lands of Ironforge, and, of course, the land of the undead. Well, the Elven forest was filled with deciduous trees, many of them with beautiful purple and pink leaves -- it wasn't tough to see the difference. The Ironforge and Tirisifal forests, though, were both coniferous, filled with fir and spruce trees. Why then did the atmosphere seem so different?