Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Interview

Warcry has conducted an interview with Albert Perez, line producer for the soon-to-be-released Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance sequel. One of the questions and the respective answer to follow:
Q: Tell me about the improved features - What will most titillate and engage us in DA II?

A: The story takes you through a host of game environments; dungeons, yes, but also an undead-pirate infested sea cave, a Kuo-toa filled sea temple, elemental planes, a dragon's lair, the laboratory of an insane alchemist, and many, many more. The team put a great deal of effort into fully bringing the diverse environments to life and making them interesting places to explore and battle in.

Another feature we hope you'll enjoy as much as we do is the item creation system. Not satisfied with your remarkable short sword? For a fee, you can upgrade it in Bartley's workshop by combining gems and rune stones to create a +3 Short Sword of Conflagration or hundreds of other powerful weapons customized to best suit your style of play and weapon preference. Not only can you customize your weapons, but also your armor and trinkets (rings, amulets, etc.) for even more item creation fun.

We've also added a few combat enhancing features. You can switch through multiple weapon types with the press of a button, use two weapons at once and have access to up to five spells/feats this time around instead of just one.