Anonymity in Middle-Earth Online

The official Middle-Earth Online website has been updated with a new letter from the development team concerning anonymity in the MMORPG. Does it ruin the role-playing aspect if a player is able to see another player's full statistics? Here's a clip:
Ahh, the dilemma. In most MMPs when a player examines another player they can see all of their vital statistics. However, role-players and players who enjoy a high level of realism would prefer not to see these statistics, as it ruins immersion. After seeing so many posts on this topic in the forums, The MEO Team started to debate, and we came up with a solution. We'll let you decide! Players in MEO will have the ability to mark themselves as anonymous. An anonymous character will show their name but no other details about who they are when they are examined in-game. Player anonymity increases the level of realism, and gives a useful tool to our role-playing community.