Ultima X: Odyssey Interview, Part 4

RPGVault has dished up the fourth and final installment of their Ultima X: Odyssey interview, in which Lead Designer Jon Hanna and Designer Amy Sage answer a large batch of questions. Here's a bit to get you started:
Q: What kinds of tools and options do you intend to provide to help organize guilds, recruit new members and manage in general?

A: In addition to challenging and accepting guild battles, the guild officers can set a variety of options such as guild rank names, rank permissions (like who can invite other characters), set a message of the day, and set the guild type (public or private).

Players who aren't in a guild yet can search the guilds using a system similar to the party search functions. Guilds can set themselves as public or private to determine whether they show up in searches. In addition, the guild master can set a special recruitment message that interested players can read to learn more about the guild. This note makes it really easy to determine whether a guild is right for you or not.