Dark Age of Camelot: Foundations Prices

Sanya has made the full pricing structure for DAoC: Foundations available on the Camelot Herald. Here's the main gist of what a house and its accessories is going to cost you:
Now, the cost of your lot. We're excited about our system, and we think you will be as well. The challenge was to come up with a system that didn't favor those able to log in at a certain hour, that took into account the particular economy of a given server, and that allowed the lots to be worth whatever people were willing to pay.

What we've got is a reverse auction system - a system that takes all of the above into account. Lots will start at 95 platinum each. We expect that there will be very few takers at that price! If a lot goes unpurchased for an hour, the price will come down. If the parcel of land still remains unwanted, the price will drop still lower, and so on until someone decides the price is right (or the lot costs a single platinum piece - that's the minimum cost).

Once you have a lot, there are literally thousands of things you can buy. Here are the prices for the "big ticket features":

Cottage deed, 1 platinum
House deed, 10 p
Villa deed, 40 p (CHANGED)
Mansion deed, 100 p

The rent costs per week of the houses are two percent of their initial cost, which works out to 20 gp, 200 gp, 800 gp, 2 pp in weekly rent based upon these prices.

All other items that you purchase will be priced as marked and will not have any upkeep costs.

Here are some of the things you can add to your home:

Porch deed, 500 gold (CHANGED)
Bindstone, 1 platinum
Vault, 1 p

Alchemy table, 1 p (CHANGED)
Forge, 1 p (CHANGED)
Lathe, 1 p (CHANGED)

Hastener, 100 gold
Smith, 100 g
Enchanter, 100 g
Emblemeer, 100 g
Recharger, 100 g

Healer, 3 platinum (CHANGED)

Consignment Merchant, 1 p
Grandmaster Merchant, 500 gold
Siege Merchant, 1 platinum (CHANGED)
Snowdonia, Druim Cain, or Vindsaul Faste Teleporter, 500 g

All other merchant and teleporter types - 100 gold

All other items, far too numerous to list here, are priced as marked on Pendragon.