GuildPortal enhances Shadowbane support

The GuildPortal (a division of UGO) has sent out a press release announcing enhanced support for the MMORPG Shadowbane.

Enhanced support includes a character profiling and journal system, where things such as level and skill ratings can be shared between guildmates and a player can describe the adventures of their given character through journal entries.

Following is the press release.


(Aurora, CO 5/25/2003) GuildPortal Enhances ShadowBane Support

GuildPortal, a community host for clans, guilds, and player associations in Massively Multiplayer Online games, today announced extended support in its community management suite for ShadowBane, a fantasy MMOG developed by Ubi Soft.

Supporting a game requires extensive configuration for GuildPortal, which provides forums, voting polls, events scheduling and signup, along with banking and character profiling to assist members of a guild with participating in the community while not online, playing the game.

Extended support includes an extensive character profiling and journal systems, where members of a guild can keep others posted on character statistics like level and skill ratings, as well as provide a narrative in the form of journal entries to creatively detail their character's adventures.

ShadowBane is developed by Ubi Soft. The URL for the game is GuildPortal is located at