Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Developer Diary #2

Interplay has posted the second installment of their Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel developer diary series, written by producer Chuck Cuevas. A snippet:
As we head for Alpha, the art team is striving to finish up all of the level artwork so the level builders can finalize their visions for your playground. Lots of alleys to explore, rail yards to decapitate some guards and catwalks to toss some grenades around on (not to mention a few vaults).

The new camera/targeting system has been installed, and so far the thumbs are up on this set up. I will try to describe it for you. As the you enter target mode (by pressing the right trigger or R1), regardless where the camera is, the camera will swing around to place the player character between you and the target. This way, the enemy that is targeted is always on screen. The system feels smooth and soon we will have some movies up demonstrating how this works.