Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Developer Diary #1

Interplay has posted the first installment of their Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel developer diary series, written by producer Chuck Cuevas. A snippet:
"Hey, why don't we make Fallout for the console?" Excuse me? Did you just propose what I thought you did? Fallout as an action game for the console. Holy crap. You mean I get to run up to a rad scorpion, hit it with a super sledgehammer, hear the crack of it's shell and see the guts go flying all in real time. I can then switch to my back-up, a mini-gun and slice in half a Super Mutant with a hail of lead. Oh yeah, I'm in.

Oh-oh. Wait a minute. What about all those fans who want Fallout 3? But what about all those fans who would love to see Fallout expand? Better yet, what about all those gamers out there who have heard of Fallout, but turn-based RPG's are not their bag? I want them to see what a cool universe Fallout is. I want them to experience the Brotherhood, the wasteland, and the 50's sci-fi culture gone haywire. I want them to be able to see what the 1930's World of Tomorrow looks like after World War III. Oh yeah, this could be great.