Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Hands-On

IGN Xbox had the chance to try out an early version of Interplay's upcoming Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, the Xbox/PS2 RPG based in the post-apocalyptic Fallout universe, and have written up their impressions of the game. Check it out:
All in all, this demo was really just a taste of what we'll get further down the road. In the 20 minutes we saw and played it, we were satisfied in knowing that while the RPG elements of the game have been simplified, stat-tracking, side-quests and data profiles are still there to appease at least some RPG-ers. The variety of weaponry creates an interesting mix of options, giving players many offensive choices and blends strategy and collection aspects into the mix. It's got a quicker pace, a stronger emphasis on combat and it's instantly accessible, all of which are excellent qualities, and frankly, I don't see anything wrong with that. Add in about 50 missions and 20-25 hours of gameplay, and you're grooving come this October. In fact, stepping back a bit, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel looks to be one of VU's more intriguing games of 2003. Expect an abundance of coverage from IGN in the near future.