Icewind Dale II Review @ RPGDot

RPGDot let us know that they've written a review of Icewind Dale II, in which they've scored the game an overall 82%. Their conclusion:

    This is a very technically solid and challenging CRPG. If you're not adverse to being knee deep in the dead (including your own party at times) and hitting the pause button every six seconds then you'll probably really enjoy Icewind Dale 2. It's not just a hack and slash fest... there is some excellent dialogue and challenging puzzles thrown in as well. I got really tired of having to reload fights... and I don't see how I could have won them first time out of the gate, either. Still, I won't rule out the possibility that I suck. :) If you're going to get IWD2 expect a lot of high stress combat. If that's what you like this is a great game. If it's not then don't. If you're in the middle, like I am, there are times in this game where you'll cheer at a victory... and times where you'll want to throw your monitor out the window. The game's a nice solid 80% in my opinion.