Icewind Dale II Review @ GamesFirst!

The guys at GamesFirst have written a review of Icewind Dale II, giving the game a score of 4/5. Check it out:

    If you have plenty of time and concentration to give it, Icewind Dale II will reward your attention with an engrossing story, challenging puzzles, a richly furnished world, and plenty of hard battles to strategically wind through. Its morally complex conflict also promises to satisfy, allowing you the freedom to remain an indifferent sellsword, become an arm of evil, or declare yourself a defender of righteousness. If you're a fan of the genre or interested in getting started, if you're familiar with the first instalment or were just intrigued by your friends' descriptions of it, you can trust Icewind Dale II to sit you down, open its world, and tell you the best kind of story one in which the main character is you.