Icewind Dale II Review @ Adrenaline Vault

The Adrenaline Vault has published their review of Icewind Dale II, in which they give the game an overall score of 4/5. Their final thoughts:

    For a game that's billed as strictly linear, the multitude of possibilities in Icewind Dale II is striking; its breadth is in its depth, not its scope. The vast array of new character features and 3rd Edition rules is a welcome addition made doubly fresh by the changes to the interface. Unfortunately, IWD2 is hamstrung by lackluster boss fights and a plot that only skirts the periphery of the Forgotten Realms license, potentially diminishing the drive of players to see the game to its conclusion. Most RPG players on the PC tend to scoff at titles that dare to advertise linearity as a feature; no matter how focused the story and characterization might be, this is still seen as the domain of Japanese console imports. IWD2 is as unrestricting as they come, except its open-endedness begins and ends with character generation. Since this makes players live with their choices, IWD2 is one of the truest RPGs ever made.