Icewind Dale II Review @ ZenGamer

Another review of Icewind Dale II can be found at ZenGamer, where they've given the game a score of 9/10. Their final paragraph to follow:

    Icewind Dale 2 is one of the rare sequels that somehow manages to eclipse its predecessor. It is certainly not perfect, with too much emphasis on combat, clunky performance at high resolutions, and some simply mind bogglingly frustrating and unnecessary puzzles (shame on the brilliant guys at Black Isle for making us suffer through that forest). Still, for my money it is just a tad bit more fun than any of the other RPG's this year, and that includes the ambitious fully three dimensional Neverwinter Nights (also AD&D with 3E rules), and the huge, innovative, brilliant third person RPG Morrowind. For all that is new and different, there is still the comfort of the Infinity Engine, fitting like a comfortable glove when you need an RPG fix. Black Isle is a development house of RPG genius's, and I can only hope that Icewind Dale 2 is not their last hurrah. RPG fans would be crazy to miss out on this game.