Icewind Dale II Review @ GameSpot

GameSpot has posted their review of Icewind Dale II, giving the game a score of 8.3/10. Here's what they had to say in their conclusion:

    Like its predecessor, Icewind Dale II is simply a great role-playing game. The designers clearly understood what role-playing gamers want to see and experience in such a game, and they provided plenty of it. The game somehow manages to be long despite having such a brisk pace, and the balance between the story and the action is well maintained. The action itself might appear to be all mindless hacking and slashing, with your small party often having to take on droves of enemies, but in truth, clever tactics are required to make it through to the game's conclusion. So despite Icewind Dale II's somewhat antiquated presentation, it's still very easy to recommend to anyone who's enjoyed previous Black Isle role-playing games--or any of this year's other great RPGs, for that matter.