Icewind Dale II Preview @ Khabal Gaming

The latest preview of Icewind Dale II can be found over at Khabal Gaming. A snippet to follow:

    So why do I think IWD II is a winner? First, the story starts off nicely with a standard IWD style intro: You are a bunch of adventurers who would like to make some cash or to fight off evil or "insert agenda here" and end up with something a little more then you expected. Secondly, people react to the different sub races that you take (for example, lots of dwarves called me a (drow scumbag) when I talk to them.*) and your character has different speech options based on his class and/or race. As a result, multiple humorous conversations have popped up in the grand tradition that we have all come to associate with most other Infinity Engine games (ie. Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment. etc.).