Icewind Dale II Preview

Sorcerer's Place has posted a preview of Icewind Dale II, based upon a press copy of the game. Here's something to get you started:

    Dual wielding has also been implemented, and it looks very sweet in action. Combat and spell-casting remain largely the same as in other IE games, except for the special abilities which some of the characters (for example, monks) now possess, and general changes due to the shift to 3e rules. In terms of hack & slash vs. questing, I feel IWD2 puts a bit more emphasis on quests than the original did, though fighting is still a major part of the game. The Prologue that I have played through had a bunch of really interesting quests, and while some were of the pure Fed-Ex type, most were much more exciting than simple get-me-this-for-XP assignments.