Icewind Dale II Preview

The latest preview of Icewind Dale II has surfaced over at Computer Games Online, where they've given a good synopsis of what Black Isle plans to do with the sequel, complete with several comments from Associate Producer Doug Avery. Check it out:

    Associate Producer Doug Avery outlines a host of changes that he hopes will set Icewind Dale II apart from its predecessors. Chief among these is the adoption of many rules from the 3rd Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. "We have implemented many of the 3rd Edition rules thus far and are adding more wherever possible," he says, noting that the team is converting all of the game's items, spells, and bonuses to the 3rd Edition rules as well. Gone are the infamous THAC0 and arcane armor class and saving throw calculations of the earlier Black Isle RPGs; this new project will use the 3rd Edition's streamlined system in each case. In addition to combat, experience, and leveling rules from the 3rd Edition, Black Isle is also upgraded magic. "We are also using the 3rd Edition spells and their effects as opposed to the second edition ones used in all past Infinity Engine games," says Avery.