Dungeon Siege Review @ GamePro

The latest review of Dungeon Siege has surfaced over at GamePro, where they've given the game an almost perfect score. An excerpt to follow:

    Dungeon Siege’s gameplay is perhaps its biggest and most transparent improvement over previous titles in the genre. The controls are so intuitive that you’ll have mastered them well before the game becomes difficult. Casting specific spells in a full party in fast-paced, RTS-like combat can be tough, but you can hotkey each spellcaster’s two most used spells, and they’ll cast them when needed. Customizable hotkeys allow you to quick-select tactics and weapon/spell layouts, and you can group characters RTS-style for easy party control. Best of all, you can “recruit” a packmule into your party, so you’ll never have to stop adventuring just to sell excess items. Only a few camera control problems get in the way of a perfect gameplay experience. Dungeon Siege walks all over its competition with almost effortless grace.