Icewind Dale II Website Update

Doug Avery stopped by the official Icewind Dale II website to post up some new screenshots (with the new interface), concept art, and more. Here's a rip from his news post:

    This will be brief so I apologize in advance. Today's update includes some new screenshots that show off a couple of the new interface screens. Also we've added a few more of Brian Menze's concepts for some of the new creatures. These are used to give the modelers a sense of what a creature is supposed to look like in-game. Justin Sweet's half-orc female is now up in the portraits section. On the message boards, I've posted a new thread with more of our new spell icons. Feel free to head over there and take a guess as to which spells they represent. Answers will be posted on Monday, April 29th. I hope you enjoy the update and have a good weekend.