Icewind Dale II Designer Diary #6

I was out of town for work this weekend, so now's my time to catch up on all the good RPG stuff that hit the web. First off, RPGVault has dished up another Icewind Dale II Designer Diary, talking with Black Isle's Chris Avellone a powerful item called the "Arc of Gold", some brand new spell icons, and the state of the game:

    "The situation here is tense. Really tense. Our programmers are hammering away at bugs, smashing them away, driving them back. Bernie, our lead programmer, is wearing a strange smile on his face. EXCEPT THAT IT'S NOT HIS OWN FACE. He skinned it from one of the junior programmer who couldn't run fast enough. I haven't heard from Kevin Osburn, our line producer in days, so I stole his chair and his video card. Darren Monahan (young, upcoming producer) and Doug Avery (old, not-quite-so-upcoming producer) have started to dress in black robes and conduct horrific rites in the lunchroom. Josh Sawyer has been reduced to saying nothing but "kits, my precious kits," and sobbing quietly before he was crushed by a stack of Faiths and Avatars."