Icewind Dale II Intelligence Report

RPGVault has published an Intelligence Report for Black Isle's upcoming Icewind Dale II. Here are some of the details they elaborate on:

    Combat System: The combat system uses the same rules as 3rd edition D&D, but modified for simultaneous combat turns with six-second rounds in which combatants perform actions such as attacking, casting spells, using items, etc. Combat can be paused at any time to re-issue commands. It can also be automated by using pre-made or custom scripts, which define the AI of the characters.

    Weapons and Armor: The standard array of D&D item types will be available: weapons, armor, helmets, shields, rings, amulets, cloaks, etc. Items are equipped on a character's inventory screen using a paper doll interface. The major items (weapons, armor, helmets, and shields) will contribute to the overall look of the avatars. Hundreds of items are planned, ranging from ordinary to extraordinary. There will be powerful unique items of every type, as well as randomly generated items, ensuring that many different treasures will be found with every new adventure.