Dungeon Siege First Impressions

The guys over at IGN PC have written up their first impressions of the soon-to-be-released Dungeon Siege, which, of course, is about as positive as you can get:

    With a world so populated by objects such as trees, plants, garbage, water, and buildings, you would figure that navigating in a third person perspective might be a little tricky. It's surprisingly not at all. Camera controls are as easy to grasp as any I have ever had the joy to play with and objects that are tall enough to always get in your way, such as densely populated forests, become transparent right on cue with very few hiccups. I can only think of one instance at this point that my view was obstructed by a building that didn't go invisible. Likewise, the models, textures, and effects in the game are all spectacular and I can't wait to delve further into it for bigger and meaner monsters and spells.