Icewind Dale II Preview

GamesDomain has written up a preview of Black Isle's upcoming Icewind Dale II, which includes several comments from Doug Avery, the game's Associate Producer. A snippet to follow:

    "You will learn of the threat to Targos from various posts around the town of Luskan promising untold riches for those willing to risk life and limb," said Avery. "Targos is being overrun by goblins and your first priority is to secure the docks and destroy any goblins you come across."

    Heading even farther north, you'll eventually visit such locales as the sinister Underdark and the Jungles of Chult. Avery promised more variety in the locations, balancing dungeon sieges with romps through the raging wilderness. Although you may revisit regions from the first game, they will be newly populated with new characters and races.