Icewind Dale II Preview

The Armchair Empire has written up a preview of Black Isle's upcoming Icewind Dale II. Here's a snippet:

    The game will take place about one and a half generations after the events of the original, continuing to allow players to run around the Spine of the World, whacking and hacking Yeti, Ice Trolls, Orcs, and such to their heart’s content. No word on what, exactly, we can expect from the narrative in the game, but that would be treading into spoiler territory anyway. So far, players are simply told to go to the town of Targos, one of the Ten Towns far to the North, where goblin hordes are up to no good, from there the plot unfolds in a manner equally linear to that of the first Icewind Dale. What we do know is that none of the mythological Forgotten Realm characters from the Spine will be in the game. According to the game’s timeline, Drizzt Do’Urden is still in the Underdark, and Wulfgar has not yet been born.