Dungeon Siege Preview

GameZone has put together a preview of Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege, based upon the press copy that was sent out last week. Once again, it's about as positive as a preview can get:

    One of the things I was immediately in love with about Dungeon Siege is something that I have always felt made the most sense when building skills. Instead of distributing skill points into certain areas, you gain experience in different areas by how often you use them. Practice makes perfect only makes sense, and in this case, you should be able to set up a party to your liking as you go along. Also, experience points in certain skills are important because various items require certain experience levels before they can be used. I found myself, fairly early in the game, picking up some good armor that I had to keep in my inventory until I could use it. Good thing I didn't need a lot of potions, because some things are worth holding on to for later use. This is especially true for items that have special enchantments/abilities on them - like "chance to block" or magical effects.