Dungeon Siege Preview

Ahnteis of Packmule.org let us know that he's posted up a four-page preview of Dungeon Siege, based upon the limited content version that he received on Friday. Here's a taste:

    There are two ways to encounter enemies. You can come across them as they go about causing whatever mischief it is they are up to, or in one of the cooler aspects of the game, you can be ambushed. Since ambushes are so awesome, I'll tell you a little bit about them. You could be walking along and suddenly the bushes around you shake and wolves have surrounded your party. Alternately, you could be walking along in a cave and suddenly a monster burrows out of the ground in a shower of rock and rears it's head above you spitting and biting. The most impressive entrance for me however was the spiders that you first saw as they scurried past (at a very fast pace) on overhead webs, then swarmed down the walls to attack.