Dungeon Siege Press Release

I just received the following press release that reveals some new information about Dungeon Siege:


    Microsoft today updated the official Dungeon Siege site (http://www.microsoft.com/games/dungeonsiege/), unveiling more information about multiplayer features in the upcoming fantasy role-playing game. The multiplayer portion of Dungeon Siege will allow players to adventure through the entire single player world, as well as the huge Utraean Peninsula multiplayer campaign, either alone or with friends. The Utraean Peninsula is considerably larger and contains a unique storyline along with accompanying quests. Gamers can take an adventurous band of up to eight players across the vast expanses in search of the elusive eight stones of Utrae.

    Six new screenshots were also unveiled along with more information on the various aspects of multiplayer play. These include Teamplay and Player vs. Player modes, detailed leaderboard, difficulty levels and secure trading.

    Dungeon Siege is an action fantasy role-playing game featuring an immersive fully 3-D environment. The game plunges players into a continuous 3-D fantasy world on a quest to stop a mysterious evil that has been unleashed. Beginning with a single character, players can travel through the world and gather a party of up to eight characters, or choose to face the challenge alone. The action role-playing in Dungeon Siege propels players into one over-the-top battle after another as the storyline unfolds. Dungeon Siege will be available in April 2002 for an estimated retail price of $49.99 (U.S.).

    For more information about Dungeon Siege, visit the official Web site at: