Dungeon Siege Beta Impressions

The DSVault has let loose with some impressions of a recent build of Dungeon Siege. It runs as more of a first taste preview (with more to come in subsequent days), so here's a squeeze:

Spending little time on my characters look, I gave him a name, choose normal difficult and within 60 seconds, I was in Ebh. The game starts off with a cool intro about the history of the 10th legion fleeing to form a new kingdom that they call Ebh. Immediately after you start, the intro continues a cut scene, with your friend Nordik who is dying from attacks by the Krug and asks you to find Gyorn in Weathertop.

With a horde of screenshots that accompany the game, I must say that I really like the gnome-tech-meets-fantasy like approach to the graphics, with the gears, cogwheels and whirlygigs.