Dungeon Siege Article @ IGN PC

IGN PC has posted an article from Gas Powered Games that talks about some of the earlier areas you'll encounter in Dungeon Siege, as well as some of the various monsters. As usual, here's a snippet:

    Glitterdelve Mine is home to reclusive Rock Beasts that smash the ground with their massive fists, sending out shock waves along the ground and spewing forth a barrage of rocks the size of a man's head. Mine Worms are often drawn toward these Rock Beast tantrums, bursting from the ground to immense heights and rapidly firing thorns at the unfortunate miners. The deepest passageways sometimes hide Scorpions that quickly scurry across the ground and strike deadly venomous blows with their stingers.

Included in the article are some screenshots as well, so head on over and take a look.