Dungeon Siege Poll

Microsoft's official Dungeon Siege website has been updated with a contest/poll that allows you to decide which of three models you would like to see play the "farm girl" in the upcoming Gen Con game fair. Here's a rip from the site:

    In Dungeon Siege, the new role-playing game from Chris Taylor, you start your life off as a humble farmer before all hell breaks loose and you're forced to fight for your life against a myriad of monsters. While technically you can choose to be either a farm-boy or farm-girl, it's been farm-girl that has become the true icon for the game. You've seen her in the ads, our box cover, and on the web and now, you'll get a chance to pick which model plays her in real life at the upcoming Gen Con Game Fair!

    Simply cast your vote below to pick which lovely spokesmodel you think should play Farm-girl at the upcoming Gen Con Game Fair this August 2-5 at Milwaukee, WI. The model that gets the most votes here, will then make an appearance at the Microsoft Booth at the show. Take a look and vote today! Who knows, if you go to the show, maybe you'll even get a chance to meet her...