Dark Age of Camelot Updated Impressions

GameSpot has posted up an article with their updated impressions of the MMORPG currently in beta, Dark Age of Camelot. These impressions are based upon what they saw and learned at (yep, you guessed it) E3. Here's a clip:

    However, the city of Camelot is many times larger than even the largest town, and has many guild and merchant buildings populated with nonplayer characters and detailed objects. And the game's first dungeon is larger still. Uther's Tomb is a huge structure that, according to the game's story, was constructed by the wizard Merlin as a memorial for the deceased king. The dungeon itself is gigantic, and consists of huge rooms connected by equally spacious corridors and tunnels. Mythic has clearly anticipated heavy player traffic in its first dungeon, and the game's world builders have made sure that each of the dungeon's stony doorways and arches is tall enough and wide enough to accommodate the size of most small- to medium-sized adventuring parties; even when they're on the run from the monsters that Mythic will use to eventually populate the area.