Dungeon Siege Quick Take

Intelligamer's E3 coverage includes very little about RPGs, but they did mention Dungeon Siege and sounded pretty impressed with it. Here's a direct rip:

    At first glance Dungeon Siege, developed by Gas Powered Games, looks a lot like yet another Diablo clone, but in this case that is a bit deceiving. While game play is superficially similar the innovations here are substantial and should make this a better game overall. First among these is the ability to set aggressiveness and attack styles of your characters (up to 6 of them). This eliminates the need to click click click click all the time to fight. Second is the huge and seamless game world. There is no loading of areas in Dungeon Siege, the terrain loads in the background as you wander around the fully 3D world. Substantial story line, quests and plenty of combat make this game play a bit like a hybrid of the Baldur's Gate series and Diablo II. More accessible for casual players than the former, less one dimensional than the latter. Dungeon Siege looks like it is cooking with gas!