Dungeon Siege Preview

IGN PC has posted up a preview of the upcoming RPG Dungeon Siege from Gas Powered Games. The preview is very positive and gives a good rundown of DS's features. Here's a snippet:

    The strength of the system lays in the small number of skills available. With only four skills, you'll spend more time focusing on approach and strategy than on simple math. Your character will be rated in melee weapons, ranged weapons, combat magic and nature magic. All melee weapons will use the same skill so you needn't worry about specializing in, say, an axe over a hauberk. Ooh, hauberk -- I am a nerd. As you use each skill, your proficiency increases. Chris assumes that the experienced player will opt to specialize in one of the areas, while novice players will tend to diversify and generalize. "The trick," according to Chris, "is to build a game for everyone."